How Small Business Can Use Text Message Marketing to Increase Sales & Retention

Are you looking for a creative, cost-effective way to increase sales and customer retention for your small business? Text message marketing could be the solution you need. This article will provide an overview of text message marketing and outline key strategies that small businesses can use to increase sales and customer retention. So let’s get started!

What Is a Text Message Marketing Service?

Sms marketing is a powerful tool for small businesses looking to engage with customers and increase sales. Businesses can quickly build relationships and foster loyalty among their target audience by sending timely, relevant messages directly to customers’ phones.

Text message marketing enables businesses to communicate promotions, discounts, and updates unobtrusive, effectively, and cost-efficiently. By leveraging text message marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy, small businesses can more easily reach their target audience and build a loyal customer base. This type of marketing also provides an opportunity for direct customer engagement through polls, surveys, or Q&A sessions that allow businesses to gain valuable insights into what their customers want and need.

Advantages of using Text Messaging Service

What is text message marketing

Text message marketing for small business owners offers many advantages, including the following:


Sms messaging is incredibly cost-effective for small businesses to reach their target audiences. With low setup costs and the ability to reach thousands of customers in seconds, text message marketing offers a high rate of return on investment. Businesses can personalize sms marketing services and tailor them to specific audience segments based on geographic location or purchase history. This allows small businesses to create targeted campaigns more likely to engage customers and drive sales.

Improved Customer Engagement and Retention

Text message marketing is a great way for small businesses to foster relationships with their customer base. By sending reminders about promotions, discounts, or upcoming events, businesses can keep customers engaged and increase customer loyalty. This type of marketing also allows businesses to respond to customer feedback and queries quickly, ensuring customers receive timely support.

Increased Reach

Advantages of using text messaging service

With text message marketing services, small businesses can reach a wider audience with their messages. Messages are delivered directly to customers’ phones and can be seen instantly. This allows businesses to quickly and easily spread the word about their services or products, increasing the likelihood of sales conversions. Additionally, SMS allows businesses to track how many people have read their messages, giving them insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Types of Text Message Marketing Strategies

Text message marketing can be used in various ways to increase sales and customer retention. Here are some effective strategies that small businesses can use:

  • Welcome messages: Send customers a welcome message when they sign up for your service or purchase your product. This is a great way to show appreciation and encourage customers to continue using your business. You can also include promotional offers or discounts to entice customers further.
  • Promotional messages: Creating personalized experiences can also help you make the most of your text message marketing campaigns. Personalization allows you to tailor messages to individual customers based on their interests, which helps boost engagement and increases customer loyalty. You can create personalized messages by segmenting your subscribers into lists or groups and sending targeted messages that meet their needs.
  • Timely reminders: Send timely reminders to customers about upcoming promotions or events. You can also use this strategy to remind them of special offers or discounts that are about to expire. This is a great way to ensure customers don’t miss out on opportunities and stay engaged with your business.
  • Incentivizing messages: Reward customers with special offers and discounts for engaging with your business. Using unique codes or links, businesses can incentivize customers to take some action, such as leaving a review or referring a friend. This helps build customer loyalty and encourages customers to return for more.
  • New product announcements: Using text message marketing, businesses can quickly inform customers about new products or services. This is a great way to drive sales and ensure customers know the latest innovations.

Setting Up a Text Message Marketing Strategy

Creating a successful text message marketing strategy is essential for small businesses looking to increase sales and retention. Here are some tips to follow: 

Establish Your Goals

Setting clear and achievable goals is the foundation of any successful text message marketing strategy. You can start by asking yourself what you hope to achieve. Do you want to increase sales? Increase customer retention? Or drive more traffic to your website? Once you have an idea of where you want to go, create measurable objectives so that you have a way to track and measure your progress. For example, if your goal is to increase sales, set a target number of purchases you’d like customers to make in a given period. Having well-defined goals will guide the rest of your strategy and ensure your efforts are focused on achieving success.

Types of text message marketing strategies

Assign a Dedicated Phone Number

Assigning a dedicated phone number for your text message marketing campaign is an effective way to ensure that customers can contact you easily. Customers can quickly identify the source of incoming messages by having a single phone number for all your campaigns. They will know exactly who they are communicating with. This can help build trust with existing customers and make reaching out easier for potential customers.

Using a dedicated phone number allows you to monitor customer responses in real time and adjust your messaging accordingly. With this data, you can create more personalized campaigns tailored to each customer’s needs. A dedicated phone number provides an easy way for customers to opt out of your text message marketing campaign if they no longer wish to receive updates or promotions from you.

Create Response Rates & Analyze Performance

Creating response rates and analyzing performance is essential to any successful text message marketing campaign. You can find out what your customers like and don’t like about your messages and change them accordingly. By checking how many people answer each message, you can evaluate how well your campaigns work and what you can do better.

Crafting messages specific to the customer’s needs and interests is important to create high response rates. This means personalizing each message based on their previous interaction with your business and sending them relevant offers or updates. Using simple and direct language will help ensure that customers understand your message clearly, making them more likely to respond.

Select the Right Messaging Platform

Setting up text message marketing strategies

Choosing the right text message marketing software for your campaign is key to success. While many options are available, selecting a platform that best fits your needs is essential. When selecting a text message marketing provider, consider flexibility, scalability, ease of use, customer support, and integration capabilities.

Softwares like Anthem software provide complete text message marketing solutions with advanced features like automated messages and segmentation capabilities. This will help ensure you have the features necessary to reach your goals and successfully implement your strategy. 

Integrate Your Text Messaging Platform With Other Marketing Platforms

Integrating your text message marketing platforms with other marketing platforms is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. Connecting different platforms ensures all customer data is in one place and easily shareable between departments. This allows you to create more personalized messages based on customer data and track the performance of each campaign.

Create Appointment Reminders & Discounts

Appointment reminders and discounts are key to any successful text message marketing campaign. Sending appointment reminders to customers helps ensure that they show up on time, resulting in fewer no-shows, which can cost business money. Sending timely discounts to customers is a great way to encourage them to make purchases and build loyalty, especially if the discounts can be used on future visits or purchases.

When setting up appointment reminders and discounts through your text message marketing platform, make sure you can customize messages with the customer’s name and other relevant information. This will help create extra engagement and personalization, making the customer feel valued and appreciated.

Utilize Personalized Messages & Constant Contact

Personalized messages are key to maximizing the success of text message marketing for small businesses. People want to feel valued and appreciated, so sending them tailored messages with their names and other relevant information goes a long way in building trust and loyalty. Personalized messages can promote special offers or discounts that encourage customers to purchase.

It’s also important to maintain consistent contact with customers through text messaging. Sending regular updates about new products and services helps keep customers engaged and encourages them to return for more business. Utilizing automated triggers is also a great way to ensure that customers always receive timely communications from you without having to send each message yourself manually.

Choose the Right Keywords & Integrate with Other Channels

Choosing the right keywords and integrating them with other marketing channels is essential for small businesses to get the most out of their text message marketing strategies. Keywords target specific audiences and can send relevant marketing messages, discounts, and other promotional materials. Integrating keywords with other channels, such as email, social media, and traditional print advertising, will ensure you reach the widest possible audience.

Select phrases relevant to your business and your target customers to ensure that your keywords are effective. By doing this, you’ll be able to increase visibility and attract new customers who may not have been aware of your business before. It’s important to track the performance of your keywords so you can adjust them if needed to maximize results.

Incentivizing Customers to Opt-In to Text Messaging

Incentivizing customers to opt-in to text messaging is a great way for small businesses to reach their target audience and build relationships with potential customers. Offering incentives such as discounts, free product samples, or exclusive promotions can be a powerful tool in encouraging customers to sign up for text message campaigns.

When creating an incentive program, it’s important to consider your customers’ needs and the incentive’s value. Providing too large of an incentive can be cost-prohibitive, while offering too little may not be enough to motivate customers to opt-in. Finding the right balance between cost and reward is key to ensuring your incentive program succeeds.

In addition, you should make sure that any promotions you offer through your text message campaigns are easy for customers to understand and redeem. Keeping them simple will help customers take advantage of the offer without feeling overwhelmed or confused by complicated terms and conditions.

Keep It Short & Concise

One of the most important things to remember when crafting text messages is to keep it concise. This is especially true when sending messages via mobile devices, as people are likelier to read and engage with shorter messages.

Ensure your message is direct and straight to the point with no fluff or filler words. You should also remove unnecessary words and phrases to ensure your message is clear and easy to understand. Make sure to use images whenever possible, as this will help grab the reader’s attention quickly and make the message more memorable.

Use Appropriate Language and Tone

The language and tone you use in your text message marketing campaigns can greatly impact how customers respond. By using appropriate language and tone, you can ensure that your messages are engaging and effective.

When crafting messages, use language that is easy to understand and resonates with your target audience. Avoid industry jargon and technical terms, as they may confuse or turn off potential customers. Instead, focus on concise and straightforward messaging that conveys the value of the message without being too heavy-handed.

Test Your Campaigns

Testing your campaigns is an important step in any text message marketing campaign. Testing allows you to ensure that your messages are reaching their intended audience and being received correctly. It also allows you to monitor the effectiveness of each message so you can adjust your strategy if necessary. Testing should be done consistently to ensure customers get the best experience possible.

Additionally, testing can help you determine the best time to send messages. By analyzing the performance of each message, you can gain insight into when customers are most likely to open and engage with your messages. This will help you optimize your campaigns and ensure they reach their maximum potential.

Developing Quality Content for Your Subscribers

Creating quality content for your subscribers is key to running a successful text message marketing campaign. Quality content should be informative and entertaining while providing the customer with something of value. It should be concise and relevant to the customer; nobody likes to receive an overly long message that has nothing to do with them.

When creating content, it’s important to consider what information would be useful or interesting for your customers. This can include discount codes, new product announcements, upcoming events or sales, tips, and more. Whatever you choose to share, make sure it’s engaging and will keep your customers interested in hearing from you.

Incorporate Visual Elements Where Possible

Visual elements such as images, videos, and GIFs are a great way to make your text message marketing campaigns stand out. Not only do visual elements help capture the attention of your subscribers, but they also help convey more information in a shorter amount of time.

Including visuals in your text messages is especially important if you’re trying to promote an event or sale. Adding a video or image can give people a better idea of what’s happening and why they should be interested. Visuals can also create an emotional connection with your customers; when used correctly, they can feel part of something special.

Using visual elements in text message marketing isn’t just about making things look pretty; it has proven to be an effective way to engage people and drive action. The key is to use relevant and appropriate visuals for your audience; this will ensure that you get the best possible response from your campaigns.

Encourage Engagement Through Two-Way Texting

Two-way texting is a great way to keep your text message marketing campaigns engaging and interactive. When using two-way texting, customers can reply to your messages and have real conversations with you or your team members. This type of engagement allows you to build relationships with your customers and provide them with a more personalized experience.

Two-way texting also helps ensure you provide timely and relevant responses to customer inquiries. This is especially important for businesses offering customer support services; responding quickly and accurately can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This type of texting allows you to collect valuable feedback from your customers. You can ask questions about their experience with your products or services and use their responses to make necessary changes or improvements.

Maintain Consistency in Delivery Times and Frequency of Messages

Maintaining consistency in delivery times and frequency of messages is key to a successful text message marketing campaign. Customers can become overwhelmed by too many messages without consistency or lose interest in the content due to infrequent updates. Setting a clear schedule for when messages are sent and how often they are sent helps ensure that customers receive relevant, timely content without feeling overwhelmed.

It’s also important to avoid sending too many messages at once. Customers may view your messages as spam if they receive multiple texts quickly. Instead, focus on delivering one message per day or every few days at most. This will help keep your text message campaigns organized and effective while allowing you to stay connected with your customers regularly.


Text message marketing is effective for small businesses looking to increase sales and customer retention. With its low cost, high reach, and ability to quickly engage customers, text message marketing can help small businesses build relationships with their target audience and boost conversions. By leveraging text message marketing as part of their overall strategy, businesses can more easily reach their target audience and increase sales.